Genesis Project

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The Genesis Project is a community of builders, designers, mathematicians and storytellers on a mission to discover the origin story of the Loot universe.

Join us on our quest to restore the original Orders of Loot and resurrect the Genesis Adventurers.

In the Beginning

With pieces, a puzzle
Through randomness, intent
From entropy, Order

@timshelxyz - The Historian

At hyperspeed since nearly the moment the Loot Project emerged, a community of builders has come together to develop a series of incredible projects and derivatives that move the ecosystem forward.

But what lays behind?  What came before?  What was this world like in the beginning, before the bags were shuffled?

Through a statistical analysis of the data, our team at The Genesis Project has unearthed a breakthrough discovery — the “genesis state” of the Loot universe.

Based on the item data and fundamental logic of the smart contract, the evidence has led us to a hair-raising epiphany hidden in the data and the smart contract:

In the beginning, before the bags were shuffled, these Loot bags were carried by 2,540 original Adventurers — “Genesis Adventures” — organized across 16 Orders.

Read here for a detailed history of our data exploration, statistical modeling, and linguistic analysis.

Chapter 1 : Genesis Mana

You walk to the edge, and take the Holy Chestplate of Brilliance from your Loot bag. You hold it up to the light, and it shimmers with energy and vibration. You feel the pull of your ancestral Order calling through the mist. Time and space stands still.
A flash!
Then silence.
You carefully look into your Wallet and notice something new: Genesis Mana.

You now have a new piece of Genesis Mana in your bag for the Order of Brilliance. Where did this come from? Who wore this? It strikes you — this ancient energy came from one of the original Adventurers — a Genesis Adventurer.

What else were they wearing when they arrived in this realm? What else did they carry? In the times ahead, the Order of Brilliance will need a champion, a hero. You carry the energy from her Chestplate in your bag and can feel her calling to you through the ages.

Find me the rest of my loot. I am here. Bring me back.

Can you resurrect a Genesis Adventurer of Brilliance before it’s too late?

The Discovery Awaits

For Loot Bag holders, distill Genesis Mana (mint an ERC721 NFT) from any item in your bag that has an Order (item with suffix “of ____”).

Genesis Mana is essentially a Mint Pass for a Genesis Adventurer. Upon collecting 8 Genesis Mana from a single Order, corresponding to all 8 item types (i.e. weapon, head armor, chest armor, etc), a Genesis Adventurer can be resurrected.

Distribution of Genesis Mana

Distill Genesis Mana
Example Genesis Mana:

Chapter 2 : The Genesis Adventurers

You’ve collected a complete set of Genesis Loot, one for each item type, all of the same Order.

You carry this precious Genesis Loot on your back, and climb to the top of the mountain to attempt to resurrect a Genesis Adventurer.

You throw the bag in the fire.

A Genesis Adventurer of Brilliance emerges from the flames, ready to rejoin their ancestral Order.

The Resurrection Begins

For Genesis Mana holders, resurrect a Genesis Adventurers (mint an ERC721 NFT) from a complete set of 8 items from any of the 16 Orders. This means one Weapon, one Head Armor, one Chest Armor, etc all from the same Order (item with suffix “of ____”).

There is no wrong way to complete your collection but here are some suggestions:

  • Buy GMs on OpenSea and resurrect a GA yourself.
  • Trade GMs with others to resurrect a GA yourself.
  • Team up with others to pool your GMs and collectively resurrect one or many GAs and share them fractionally.

The more Genesis Adventurers you resurrect, the stronger you and/or your team will be in the games ahead. Furthermore, for every Genesis Adventurer you resurrect, you have the right to claim a bag of Adventure Mana ($AMANA).

Resurrect a Genesis Adventurer
Example Genesis Adventurer:

Chapter 3 : $ATIME

As the flames die down, you notice something in the ash.

Your bag of Genesis Mana is intact, but transformed.

You remove it from the ash and discover a bag of $ATIME.

It tingles with energy and magic.

You put the $ATIME in your wallet for safekeeping.

What will you do with this newfound resource?

Full of energy and teeming with a renewed sense of adventure, you walk down the mountain and return to your Order to gather your clan and pool your items to resurrect more Genesis Adventurers and earn more $ATIME.

The Ancestral Time Returns